5 O'Clock Hustle

"Quants Bakery is turning the vegan baked goods industry on its head. While maintaining that ma and pa shop feel, they're bringing quality and mega-delicious foods to a massive market that is begging for it. They're real, they're good, they're vegan...real good vegan. Can't wait to see what these young entrepreneurs come up with next!" - 5 O'Clock Hustle Podcast

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Idea House and Co

"Quants are a great product; second to none when it comes to flavor in the vegan market. As a brand strategist, their approach to the market of unwavering quality and standards shines through in not only the product but also the founders." - Idea House & CO

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Flip the Switch

Sean Etesham our CEO was interviewed by the CPP iLAB's Jesus Bermudez. In the interview, Sean outlined his thoughts on how he believes a CEO should operate within a startup. Additionally, he shares a lot of his personal experiences from his humble beginnings as a child baker to becoming a physicist, and lastly his role as CEO of Quants Bakery.