About Quants


Why Plant-Based?

Consuming plant-based foods has been shown to decrease cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. By consuming plant based products, you are participating in a lifestyle that prevents disease, saves the environment, saves animals, is sustainable, and reduces global warming. Along with the previous benefits, plant-based diets are also linked to weight-loss as well as healthy skin, who doesn't want either of those!

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Who We Are


Sean Etesham



Lauren Keyes



Our Mission


Lauren and Sean met in the Physics Club at Cal Poly Pomona and were drawn together by their love of physics, sweet treats, and baking. As students who frequent coffee shops to study, they noticed that there is a dearth of vegan snacks available. Lauren and Sean wanted to help solve this problem while also spreading their love of the sciences to the local community. Thus, Quants was born! Quants is a home business in Montclair that is dedicated to creating tasty confections that are 100% vegan and made from simple, familiar ingredients. Everything is baked from scratch using a combination of old-fashioned techniques and the precision of a scientific eye! Lauren and Sean hope to build Quants into a platform to promote sustainable living and to educate others about the contributions of minorities to STEM.




1st place @ CPP iLab

We won the Cal Poly Pomona iLab Startup Academy pitching Quants bakery! There were many great ideas, but ultimately Quants Bakery to the cake (pun intended).

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